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GTA V Review

By: Morth | July 18, 2015

Grand Theft Auto V

When was the last time you were hanging out with your friends and then you suggested that everyone goes for a friendly little race; then that race turns ugly as one of your friends cuts you off and you shoot out his tires? Did I mention this isn’t real life? Everyone knows what Grand Theft Auto(GTA) used to bring to the table, but do you know what they have in store for you? Grand Theft Auto 5, the latest in the series is packing an arsenal of content for you and your friends to enjoy. Developer Rockstar’s new release is reinventing what online games should offer. During my couple of hours with GTA Online, my friends and I got into felonies one can only dream of. Over the course of the night we went from flying a helicopter, to bounty hunting, to river rafting in a car (note: Not very effective). Then I gunned down my friends in cold blood… a favor returned shortly after they respawned moments later. Don’t have enough friends to warrant buying it? The single player campaign is very in depth with 3 different character story lines to choose from.

GTA Online is just as immersive as the single player with plenty of different activities to choose from; challenge Random people to almost any sport you can think of, Go Racing around the expansive city and countryside, Parachuting past the fabled shed of disappointment. Do simulated drugs even! Online is still being worked on as a couple features like the Stock market aren’t available yet. Though its still slightly buggy at release its to be expected at a game of its size 60+ GBs and Don’t let the $60 price tag deter you, it’s well worth the buy, the first time you going on a killing spree with your friends will have you giggling at all the ridiculous things you are going to be attempting. Rockstar has filled the game with Missions, Deathmatches, Sieging, Motocross to keep you entertained for days, and if that wasn’t enough Rockstar is allowing users to submit their own content and the community gets to play then rate it. I can only imagine what sort of game types will emerge from this.

Heists are the biggest part of GTA online, they are your primary source of income. Heists are normally a 2 to 4 person mission ranging from stealing cars to pulling off an elaborate bank robbery. Most of the heists are more difficult than your average missions, you will need great communication and teamwork to pull them off. Not to say you can’t do it with random people the matchmaking system puts you with, it will just be more interesting that way. After successful heists you can even go back to your apartment for some drinks with your friends and watch as your avatars stumble over themselves.

Another question that is on several players mind is will Rockstar allow the steam workshop community to mod their game? The modding community went ham on GTA IV when it was the first in the series to be released on Steam. The mods were anything from Superheros:

To Animals:

So hopefully with GTA V coming to PC, Rockstar will make it easy for the community to mod their game.

Rockstar has not released much DLC for their Next Gen game, other than some more cars and gun packs, but chances are it will be a while before we get to see any. One can only wonder what sort of mischief they will unleash upon the criminal kingpins of GTA.